On The Importance of Human Energy Transference

We all know that we must recharge our crystals used for metaphysical healing - the prescribed best ways to recharge are: with the light of the full moon or bright sunlight; burial for deep, grounding stones; sage or growing plant method for growth energy. These are all great methods for pulling energy back into your stones, but what about the historical energy of the stones? How much of that can we really replace? 

I've been musing about the energy in stones pulled straight from the earth, and how different it resonates with me, compared to stones that come from shops, mines or stone shows. All crystals have their own energy, and some store-bought stones are incredibly powerful, but there is something pure and vibrant about the energy coming off the stones we dig up ourselves.

I believe the human energy that passes through the stone is important, that it becomes a part of the stone's vibrational energy, and even with clearing, a lot of human contact can change the potency of the stone. By decreasing the number of people who have handled the stone, it keeps the earth's energy more pure. At Hexorn, we try to limit where we acquire our stones, and in the case of stones found on our own, only myself and my hunter will ever touch the stones before they reach their owners.
If you are interested in one of these pure energy stones in a piece, please specify when you are ordering, and we will do our best to accommodate, and discuss with you the energy you would like the stone to possess.


On The Importance of Human Energy Transference

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