It is not by a matter of belief but by a matter of experiential reasoning that one finds the world to be majickal; it is a state one repeatedly experiences, or finds oneself in, that gives rise to the notion that a thread weaves all things together, and that the thread is indeed observable - at times.

Like all precious things, majick must be summoned into ones' life - either by wish, by will, or by a strange haphazard stumbling while following that which would appear to us as intuition. It is here that we might touch upon the edge of transcendence, it is here that we might find ourselves to be larger than we imagined. 

Somewhere between the ether and the manifest we find Hexorn; a conjuring and collaboration with that unending thread we experience as beauty. Hexorn (hexen - adorn) is the working of that stumbling beauty into wearable adornments that draw us closer to our personal eternal space; our sacred channeling of self.

From the mountain wandering crystal hunter, to the desert dwelling creator, we are the sigil scribes, the key-makers, the talisman forgers; Hexorn is quite simply bringing to life that which wishes to be born. Each piece belongs to its owner before it is made, and when it is collected it will grow to be part of the wearers being.